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"B. Sharise Moore
is a rare...writer who masters...
complicated rhythms and taps
out her own very special beat."
- A. Kai, Rawsistaz Reviewer.

Published author, certified English teacher, classical pianist, and performance poet B. Sharise Moore is a New Jersey native and graduate of Rutgers University.

B. Sharise stormed the world of performance poetry in 1998 and quickly became a slam champion, featured poet, and member of the New Jersey National Slam Team in 2002. Since then, she has shared the stage with the likes of HBO Def Poets Lemon, Jamaal St. John, and Sonya Renee while performing at venues nationwide. She has released three poetry CDs, her latest is Peacock Feathers and Ruby Slippered Souls released in 2010.

Moore's poetry has been published in The Journal of Black Poetry, The Mas Tequila Review and Blackberry among other anthologies and magazines. Winner of the 2012 NUSPA Award for best writer female, she recently coupled her piano and poetic expertise to create, Mezzo Forte Meets Metaphor: An Experience in Classical Piano, Hip-hop, & Poetry. She is currently a private piano instructor and MFA student at The University of Baltimore.

Notable Features

The Nuyorican Poets Cafe New York, NY

Busboys and Poets (All Locations DC, MD, VA)

Peace And a Cup of Joe Baltimore, MD

The Up and Up Open Microphone Washington, DC

Serengetti Plains Montclair, NJ

Euphoria Cafe Newark, NJ

Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ

The Urban Word Cafe Trenton, NJ

Java Head Cafe Washington, DC

Java Head Cafe College Park, MD

Rider University Trenton, NJ

Power 99 FM Poetry Segment Philadelphia, PA

Slamicide Xandos Baltimore, MD

Sankofa Bookstore Washington, DC

Pozazz True Brew New Orleans, LA

Arts Cafe Mystic, CT

Blog Talk Radio - Dehitmen Weekly Poetry Set

Blog Talk Radio - Risque Talk

Blog Talk Radio - EDC Creations

Role of Lady in Brown in the Sold Out DC
Black Theater Festival Feature Production
of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered
Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf(2010)

*Denotes Workshop Coordinator

Shut Up & Write: Silencing Your Inner Editor
and Standing Up To Writer's Block*

A Poet's Toolkit*

New Jersey Performing Arts Center Poetry Workshop

Black Writer's Guild Character Building Workshop

Words That Stick Writing Workshop Norfolk, VA*

Hip-hop/Poetry Workshop Washington, D*

Verse for Verse Poetry Workshops
  Maryland National Capital Park and Planning (3 Site Series)
  Bowie, Largo and Hyattsville, MD*

Publishing Credits


Pen Strokes Magazine(2012)

The Journal of Black Poetry(2010)

Genesis: An Anthology of Black Science Fiction(2010)

The Mas Tequila Review(2008)

Taste: An Erotic Fantasy Series, Book 1(2008)

The Harlem Times(2001)

The Journal of Black Poetry(Rutgers University Press)(2001)

What People Are Saying About B. Sharise Moore...

"In Taste, B. Sharise Moore soundly establishes herself as a
fantasy fiction writer of great depth and talent. She is a rare
fantasy fiction writer who masters the complicated rhythm of the
genre and taps out her own very special beat."
  Reviewed by Guest Reviewer A. Kai of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

"Moore created a tasteful, (no pun intended) intimate fable. The
character development was beautifully done. If you are looking
for an interesting storyline without all of the ordinary characters,
B. Sharise Moore's Taste: An Erotic Series is the book to read."
-Jennifer Coissiere APOO BookClub 4 out of 5 Stars

"Her characeters are branded in the imagination as memorable
and intriguing. The world of Taste is strange and alluring,
filled with detail, yet so comprehensible that the reader will
not have trouble visualizing it."
-Ronald T. Jones, Author of The Chronicle of the Liberator

"No one is better at taking the boredom out of the English language. B. Sharise
Moore is a rare talent and...if a poet isn't inspired after hearing her work, he
or she is not alive!" -Jamaal St. John, 5x Nuyorican Poets Cafe Grand Slam

"An exercise: Delve into the deepest, most nakedly honest and brazenly
imaginative reaches of your psyche and strain them for their achingly beautiful
marrow. Once you're finished sprinkling them generously with confession and
humanity, you'll realize that this is what B. Sharise Moore has been doing in a
way that looks effortless for years. I have no idea how she does it, I'm merely
honored that I've gotten to witness it." - Chris August, 2011 Individual World
Poetry Slam Champion, Educator and Poet Extradinaire

"Taste is an example of what happens when masterful writing meets stunning
-Sonya Renee Taylor, HBO Def Poet/National Individual Poetry Slam Champion
Activist and Educator


The Declassified Files of the
Sorority of Chemically Straightened Heads
by B. Sharise Moore

the following to be read carefully,
then burned by curling iron.

By the time you are seven
you will believe
that youare ugly because
your hair is bad.

This begins the initiation;
you will know.

Soon after, you will be plucked;
stolen from a random Saturday,
carted to a nearby salon.

And there will be
mirrors, stools, and tools
scissors with curls still attached
irons peeking from miniature stoves
mud colored gels, lucid creams
toothless combs, sticky sprays
helmets of heat, bubble-filled basins
plastic rods, greasy clips
and brushes with more hair on them
than heads


The foul smelling cream is God.
You will fear it,
bow to its magic and lye
become enslaved to its ability
to press your strands into submission
make stubborn spirals flat
after minutes of menacing.

Surrounding you are the grim lipped gossips,
the women who share the blister sick knowing
that the more sizzle, pop, and pain
the longer lasting the style

Black hair is Ritual.
A hazing that hurts.
An induction into a sisterhood
where follicles are
pressure cooked
to maintain the status quo.

Perhaps we should
blame the women
who raised us.
The lipsticked sadists who stuff
our self-esteem in corsets;shape
our worth with a brow pencil;
teach us we are
only our hair.


By B. Sharise Moore

a geriatric metropolis
mouth of broken bicuspids
supplanted in harbor and raves
this bruised sunset city
cesaraen section of skyscraper
the crossroads where
jagged lip
meets broken glass
its young use hope's
leftover bones
to pick their teeth with...

Autumn(a haiku)

Ever notice the
breeze bends differently once a
chill is sewn inside?

Selected Honors and Awards

Busboys and Poets in collaboration
with the National Gallery of Arts exhibit
"Lichtenstein: A Retrospective"

WHAAM SLAM Winner December 2012

Armageddon Slam Winner July 2012

Graffiti DC Slam Finalist May 2012

National Underground Spoken Word Poetry Award Winner,
Best Writer Female May 2012

Be Talented Competition Winner
(Sponsored by B. Smith's Restaurant)August 2011

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